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Baiko: Testing, one two, one twooo...
Marron: Umm, why are you having a mic test?
Baiko: Cos. I think more people should use this. And I can't be a good example unless I use it myself, right?
Aya: Wait... you were a good example?
Baiko: Hai! Good example desu!
Aya: ..... of what?
Baiko: [glares] Don't make me put the smack down on you.
Aya: [gasps] You wouldn't!
Baiko: I would!
Aya: Well, umm... I have a katana and such...
Baiko: [pulls out OM's garrote] Bring it on!
Marron: [blinks and watches] Okaaay... they must be really bored if they're fighting each other...
Tsugiri: [sings] You always hurt... the one you loooove...
Yoji: She must really love me; she hurts me a lot. *_*
Baiko: [pauses] ..... nai! [resumes]
T-sama: I pity you, Yoji-foo.
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