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Marron: Ooo! Echo!
Baiko: That's not a good thing. o_o;; Actually, I'm just posting cos I'm not sure what to do with this... and now the club is a mailing list... and the mailing list has been dead for years anyway... and Oky seems to have dropped off the face of the planet, and darned if I can get Mr. Kitsune to do anything Nijikon-related...
Aya: Is this all a revelation to you?
Baiko: Eheheh. ^^;; Well, I was going to just log in the thing eventually, cos I have to move the background to a different server, and I was thinking of redoing it... and then I was thinking... POST!
Inuyasha: I hate it when she thinks that. It usually involves fanservice and all sorts of--
Baiko: Osuwari.
Inuyasha: [slammed face-first into the floor] THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK!! YOU'RE NOT KAGOME!!!!
Baiko: [ignores] So yeah. We'll just sit here and see what people pass by... people watching!
Marron: Can we stare at them for no reason at all and then violently jerk away as they pass by?
Baiko: That's half the fun! ^o^
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