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What's new Inuyasha?

dual action posting is my friend, part two

Baiko: Neely-san, were we ever going to see said fic? Hmm?
Inuyasha: Wondering if we're in it?
Baiko: Uhh... it's a general interest in what our members are doing, of course! And maybe that too, I guess...
Inuyasha: You know it's true! Girl, you know it's true— o_o I've been here waaay too long...
Yoji: [sings] Girl you know it's true! Ooo ooo ooo, I love you!
Baiko: Yoji is scaring me... but anyway. Yes! If someone wanted to join the Nijikon LJ community we could either re-open it or add people through the admin console. Woo! Power...
Yoji: Must... take over Nijikons... !!
Aya: I think his power hungry episode last month left his brain a little fried.
Baiko: Heeere Yoji! Go twirl batons with Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: What you talkin' bout, Baiko? >_<
Yoji: The kitty?
Inuyasha: >_< I am not a kitty!!
Baiko: Just play along! Yes Yoji, the kitty! [pats Inuyasha on the head] Goooood kitty! ^_^
Yoji: [pulls on Inuyasha's ears] Kitty! [someone walks by the door] Eh? [runs out into the hallway]
Baiko: Ahh... maybe the fact that I'm on a girls floor of a dormitory will return him to normal...
Inuyasha: [in general, looking pretty pissed off]
Baiko: Ehh... you okay there? ^^;;
Inuyasha: [slumps into a pout] I am not a kitty!
Marron: o_o;;;
Aya: Hmm?
Marron: Nothing, just a little dumbfounded, that's all. o_O;;;
Yoji: [in hallway] Do I make you horny, baby? [screaming is heard]
Baiko: ^^;; I'm going to hear about this later, I'm sure...
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